The Team


alan brozovich

alan (middle) is a co-founder of balanbooks, the executive director and resident curator of gay and lesbian, and queer books. he graduated with two bachelor of arts degrees (political science, and gender and women's studies) from the university of denver. he works with our team across the nation, with publishers, customers, other bookstores, and lives in Denver. he likes long walks through old book stacks, and archives... and french pressed coffee.

Contact Alan
Main Phone: 720.504.7515
Twitter: @balanbooks

james johnston

james is the co-founder of balanbooks and our day-to-day operations manager, financial crypt keeper, and the ghoul of the fiction stacks. he graduated with a bachelor of science degree (finance) from the university of denver. he specializes in the physical sciences, business literature, and is the active curator of our fiction collection. james likes vegan tacos and extensively watches horror movies.

Contact James
Phone: 720.504.7515

matthew swisher

matthew is our director of media and logistics, and curator of art history, and "Books with Pictures, no Words". he graduated from the university of denver with a bachelor of fine arts degree. matthew is currently building up his art portfolio in order to apply to a master of fine arts program. check out his art at

nikol werner

nikol is our director of audio media. she's a singer in a band, she's a lifelong musician, and produces music through various labels including as Nikol Werner, How Sweet it Seems, and Nikol and Zack. nikol enjoys anything related to lyrics, roasting coffee at Copper Door Coffee Roasters, and road trips throughout Colorado.

klaus the gender-neutral cat

klaus is our director of social media outreach, newsletters, and coupons. klaus studied mathematics auf frieruniversitat berlin. klaus enjoys intimidating small animals, training for triathalons, and what's a feminist bookstore without a gender-neutral cat?!

cailin rogers

cailin is the director of social media engagement and sales. she is soon to be a graduate of the business school at colorado christian university. she is straight-forwardly from the american south, and frequently uses "sweetheart". cailin enjoys cute things like puppies and kittens, business consulting, and has an intense wedding pinterest board. you can follow her biweekly Tuesday conservative commentary blog here on balanbooks.