Success Secrets of Sherlock Holmes

Success Secrets of Sherlock Holmes

David Acord

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by David Acord

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle funneled much of his real-life genius - and the brilliance of others around him - into Sherlock Holmes, creating a character greater than the sum of his parts. In this quirky and intriguing look at the traits that made Sherlock Holmes successful, David Acord explores how to unleash our own genius. Not only does Acord give unique insights into the character of Sherlock Holmes and his creator, but you’ll also discover: – How to cultivate a passion for definite and exact knowledge that will help you achieve your goals faster than you thought possible – Why focusing on the little things is one of the most overlooked keys to success The value to knowing what other people don’t know Why you should step up and take credit (death to modesty!) – The importance of admiring your enemy – Why we should all have friends in low places

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