The Unauthorized Tarzan

The Unauthorized Tarzan

Joe Gill

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by Joe Gill
illustrated by Sam J. Glanzman

The Unauthorized Tarzan is a classic run of Tarzan comics, originally created and published without authorization, reprinted with the blessing of the Burroughs estate for the first time!

In the 1960s, believing Tarzan to have fallen into the public domain, Charlton Comics enlisted Joe Gill (Flash Gordon, House of Mystery) and Sam Glanzman (Hercules, Our Army at War) to create a new comics version of the Lord of the Jungle. Only four issues were produced before Charlton was forced to end the series, and much of the original print runs were destroyed. Now, this unique and beautiful take on Tarzan is available at last and has been given Dark Horse’s archival treatment, along with a selection of Glanzman’s Tarzan comic-strip art!

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